Milad Yalda

Computer Engineering



I am a social and creative person with focus on problem solving. For my strengths, I can

count on good system understanding and great interest in computers and programming. I am

25 years old, full of energy and have the desire to establish my career.

professional aspirations


My goal is to work in a stimulating and challenging environment where I can use my

knowledge of the bachelor, both practical and theoretical within Data and software industry.

Projects and project management tasks I see as a very important and interesting part of my

career. I would love to work with mobile applikationers development or other type of

software development.



2011- 2017 Computer Engineering, Halmstad


A product market includes everything from intelligent house communications,

medical technology. Future product development requires the expertise in

programming and designing embedded systems for the.


2007-2011 Science program, Burgårdens utbildningscentrum, Gothenburg


The reason I chose to study science program is my big interest and curiosity in

science to get many opportunities in the future.


Own projects

Project Cornelius


is a small robot that is controlled through the mobile application. In

cooperation with four other students at University of Halmstad, we built the robot and guided

it through a mobile application using two joysticks. The robot had a camera, we streamed live

from the camera located in the robot via HTTP. We were able to control the camera both

horizontally and vertically.

Weather Station


the project was about a simple weather station which has a microprocessor

and it will be possible to connect various electrical components using C (programming

language). You should be able to activate various components and sensors to create a

Weather Stations unit.



is an iOS application where it counts steps, distance and calories for users. You enter

the age, weight, height and gender. Using these count values the user application body mas

index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR).


Operating System


is a project written in C (programming language), where I have

implemented various linked lists which should work as a real-time operating systems and

communicate with each other.


Photos Location


is an Android application where users can upload images on their shooting

location and share it with others. The application contains a map with different locations and

images displayed.


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